2022 Events

Battle Of The Bags tournament

Thank you to our JWEGSTRONG family and friends who came out to the bags tournament.  It was so much fun seeing and spending time with everyone. The food and drinks were plentiful and the competition was intense. Congratulations to our tournament winners Colin Bauer and Tom Trepainer. Congratulations to Michael and Tommy Kolzow for purchasing the Brett Eldridge Autographed guitar and for the eight individuals who purchased a custom set of Justin Humble & Kind board sets. Combined with our Food sponsor Greg Walton of Fun, Fairs & Festivals we accomplished our goals of a fun and profitable event to Celebrate our Angel Justin.

Until next time, Thank You all for all you do to support and keep Justin legacy going!


Thank You For Supporting!

Thank You To Our JWEGstrong Community

To our Justin JosephBabycakes,
Despite the rain, 250 people showed up in raincoats with umbrellas. You touched or crossed paths with each and every one of them. Your courage was inspiring, your strength was unmatched, your smile infectious. We hope we can make a difference in DSRCT cancer research so no family, young adult, teen or child has to ever deal with what you did. You are loved and missed beyond words! Thank you for being such an incredible light in this world for such a short time. We love you, and will continue to help others as you would have.

Help Fight Cancer

The JwegStrong Foundation

We strive to honor members of the NCHS and Wisconsin-Whitewater communities who are living life with similar qualities and characteristics that Justin possessed.

Justin Wegner

About WEGS

In 2016, Justin had just finished his first year of college at the university of Wisconsin whitewater. A few weeks after returning home from competing in the division 3 college baseball World Series, he was diagnosed with desmoplastic small round cell tumor sarcoma.

Determined to overcome the awful hand he was dealt, Justin continued to live life the only way he knew how, always being humble and kind. Justin battled for over 3 years undergoing multiple surgeries, several rounds of chemotherapy, and radiation. He did not lose his fight with cancer as the fight was never fair from the beginning. With the amazing support of friends and family Justin’s memory lives on forever.

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