Tears of Joy - Journal Entry #5

Tears of Joy - Journal Entry #5
By Mark Nowak

Well, Justin has proven that well wishes, prayer, and genuine kindness does make a difference. Justin had his scan today and it revealed that all of his tumors are shrinking!!!! In fact, the tumors in his lungs are almost non existent. The tumor in his pelvis has had about 40% reduction is size. Liver, same thing. SHRINKAGE!!!!! Not something any guy would want to hear, but something that we all wanted to hear regarding Justin and his health.

Yep, he is kicking cancers butt, and will continue on that course with his positivity, dedication, and support from so many. Several weeks ago Mr Wegner was concerned that maybe the chemo was not having the effect on his tumors because he felt his side effects were not as terrible as expected. He said "Either he is Superman or the chemo is not working" Well, we may have our answer.....The plan is tentatively 2 to 4 more rounds of chemo at Lurie and then his next stop will be cancer care at MD Anderson clinic in Texas.

The Purple Out at Wheaton Warrenville South on Friday night was AMAZING!!!The Wegner clan is beyond speechless. There are simply no words that they could ever say to thank a community that has rallied around them in their time of need. It does make a difference. It is beautiful, inspiring, and courageous. 
Continue doing exactly what you are doing and we can all watch Justin not only beat cancer, but know that he will help with the treatment of others that may come after him. Everyone should have a Justin in their life. We are all lucky that we do! Celebrate tonight and cry tears of joy.