Justin Is Back At It - Journal Entry #3

September 2, 2016
Justin Is Back At It
By Mark Nowak

Justin was back at Lurie this morning checking in for his overnight stay. His short chemo treatment is potent and Justin is very tired and has been sleeping most of the day. This is his 5th treatment. (Count those babies down.) His blood work has been very good except for his white blood cells were a tad high, but they will keep a close eye on that. Please remember not to visit Justin if you are sick.

Justin had a very good week. He went to UW Whitewater (the dub) to visit his friends, and he had a great time. Apparently, Mrs. Wegner and Justin are not bakers. They have been trying to make homemade chocolate chip cookies, but they are not very tasty. Justin is really looking forward to the Iowa vs Iowa State game next weekend, and will meet up with many friends and family.

A few more Justin facts: the bolded items are his picks

NIKE or Jordan
Sunrise or SUNSET
COLLEGE FOOTBALL or College basketball
Buzz or CHASE (Nowak's dogs)
CHRISTMAS or Halloween
SPRING or Fall
CUBS or White sox
Rain or SNOW
COKE or Pepsi
Blue eyes or Brown eyes (BOTH) Girls take note again

Please keep Justin in your thoughts and pray he continues to tolerate his chemo treatments. I wish all of you a great weekend. Thank you for all the support for Justin and his family. It makes a huge difference. Positive attitude and positive thoughts make for a great outcome.