Journal Entry #1

August 13, 2016
Journal Entry #1
By Mark Nowak

Does cancer suck? Yup
Will Justin give up? Nope
Did it rain? Yup
Did it matter? Nope
Did people show up to support Justin and his family? Yup
Did it stop the fun? Nope (Remix of Choices - E40)

A HUGE and heartfelt thank you to everyone who braved the stormy weather for the #JWEGSTRONG event on Friday, August 12th and to the Clifford family for hosting the event. Thank you to everyone who donated money, bought a raffle ticket, a food ticket, or picked up a purple band. Thank you to all the people who wanted to come and were unable to make it. Thanks to anyone that prays for his family and keeps him in their thoughts. Lastly, thanks to all the volunteers who made the event a success. The Wegner family continues to be overwhelmed and touched by the support and generosity from friends, family, colleagues, teammates and strangers.

Mrs Wegs said it best, "I will remember this event forever." So many others will, too.

Also, thank you to the NCHS cheerleaders and varsity football team for the fundraiser at Crossfit 630. It was kind and generous to think of Justin and his battle.

If you see someone wearing a purple band, please introduce yourself. You have something in common.... your support for Justin.

Now about Justin... he attended the event last night and stayed until the lights were out. He had a great time and was one of the few to stay dry. He returns to Lurie on Friday, August 19th for his 5 night/6 day stay. Justin's biggest complaints continue to be headaches and difficulty sleeping. Positive and healing thoughts are requested as his hospital stay is approaching.

The genuine kindness that is being shown will be remembered for many years by so many people. A curveball in life may show a person's true colors and what a beautiful rainbow it is.