All About Justin - Journal Entry #2

August 26th, 2016
All About Justin - Journal Entry #2
By Mark Nowak

Well, Justin is home after his long Lurie stay. He has switched his sleeping habits to.... now sleeping all the time. He didn't even notice when Mr. Wegner and I went to the air and water show for over an hour.

His stomach is bothering him, but he continues to find foods that he can tolerate (Pancakes, and hash browns courtesy of McDonalds). He still has not had any meals from the hospital. His food wishes always come true.

He has a scan scheduled in September to see how much the tumors have been shrinking.

Jason was able to stay with him on Friday and headed back to University of Iowa on Saturday. Mrs. Wegner was sad, but in a good way.

Justin has cornered the market on the cute Lurie nurses. Unfortunately, the guys has no game and I was too busy drooling on myself. The good news was Mr Wegner was there spreading his charm and flexing his muscles. Mrs Wegner has promised to give us women coaching lessons before Justin's next stay.

After knowing Justin for over 15 years, I have put together a few fun facts that you may not know about him.

I played the "this or that" game with Justin while he was awake and the items that are bolded are his picks.

Superman or Batman
Doritos or Cheetos
Bacon or Sausage
Jersey Mikes or Jimmy Johns
Thin Crust Pizza or Thick Crust Pizza
Country or City
Ocean or Mountains
Hot or Cold
Twitter or Instagram
Horror Movie or Comedy Movie
Dress Up or Casual
Short Sleeves or Long Sleeves
Chocolate or Vanilla
At a movie: Popcorn or Candy
Blondes or Brunettes - BOTH (Ladies take note)

Keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming. Always #Jwegstrong!