Almost 2 Weeks of Healing - Journal Entry #11

Journal entry by Mark Nowak

I had the privilege to see Justin and the Wegner`s this past week in Houston. Justin continues to heal. As you can imagine the initial pain after surgery was extreme, but it has improved daily. He battled through constant pain, intermittent fevers, and tubes that have no business being where they were. He was ready to leave the hospital and sleep without "beeps" and interruptions and was discharged on Monday, December 19th to his temporary home in Houston.

His next treatment plan is radiation. He will begin that phase in about two weeks.

My Christmas letter to Justin, Jason and Mr. & Mrs. Wegner -

You are brave and strong. You are all fighters. You are patient and kind, you are remarkable people that are loved by so many. I love your family with all my heart!
Merry Christmas!

To all of the Wegner Supporters:

Thank you for showing the Wegner's what true love looks like. Not everyone chooses to make a difference in the world, but ALL of you have through your kind words, bald heads, letters,fundraisers, hot meals, yellow ribbons,purple bands, and constant prayers.

Merry Christmas to all of you and pray that in 2017 Justin is healthy in mind, body and soul.