It's Still A Battle - Journal Entry #6

It's Still A Battle
By Mark Nowak

Today, Justin was scheduled to have his 7th round of chemo at Lurie. Prior to his admission, he had blood work and an EKG done. Based on his EKG results, his specialist decided to hold his treatment until his primary physician could review the results. His physician is currently out of town and will return next week. Justin was disappointed, but is home playing video games.. He currently has a cold, but still is not complaining. Although today was a small setback, it was a reminder that there will be good and bad days and this is a fight that will continue until he is well.

On a positive note, a fundraiser is taking place at a downtown Plainfield brewery named Werk Force located at 14903 S. Center Street, Unit 107. All of the tips collected in their tip jar during the month of October will be donated to the Justin and his family. Please make a stop and support JWEGSTRONG.

A post will be created with an updated treatment plan once the details are known.