Another Day Another Treatment - Journal Entry #7

Another Day Another Treatment
Journal Entry #7
By Mark Nowak

Justin had his two day treatment on 10/7 and 10/8. Everything with him went well, the only negative thing that happened was Lurie does not carry FOX, so we were not able to watch the Cubs game. Fortunately, we figured out how to stream it on Justin's computer. Our first thought was to break out of the hospital to watch it at a local pub much to Mrs. Wegner's dismay. Papa Wegs was already putting his shoes one, but Mrs. Wegs said no. We also had two phones set up for the Naperville Central VS Naperville North football game. Always a Redhawk.

Just was thrilled briefly, to be offered tickets to the second cubs playoff game through Lurie but was denied due to his early release.

Justin has finally gotten over his cold that he had for two weeks, please remember to avoid him and his family if you are sick. His body is fighting in so many ways it cannot fight illness too. Thank you.

A huge thank you to Barry Baldwin and the JKB and the Naperville Central Rowdies for selling the #JWEGSTRONG t-shirts and wrist bands during lunch. Also, thank you to Naperville North and Naperville Central golfers for raising over $5,000 dollars for the JWEGSTRONG found. Thank you to Hobson West and the Garsides for hosting the Shiloh Open. The money raised was donated to Doctor Walterhouse at Lurie for research for this type of cancer.

Finally on Tuesday 10/11/16 please donate any lose change to McDonalds. Money raised will be donated to Ronald McDonald house where Mr. and Mrs. Wegner stay.